So, now the most recent post on my personal blog is about diving, not Comicon. I feel much better. There are posts from the Palau trip in October. That was a great trip! Up until then, it was a rare treat to see a shark, but Palau has more sharks per square foot than I’ve seen before (to date), so we actually got a little desensitized. You know the excited vertical knife-hand to the forehead that indicates a shark sighting? It got to the point where no one even twitched when they spotted a shark. I still think sharks are cool, though.

Jellyfish Lake was a truly unique and surreal experience. I have a video I’ll post somewhere at some point. Maybe. Anyway, you can head on over and read if you want to, ’cause I’m too lazy to re-post over here (Jordan G’s Blog – Ad Hoc Adventures and Musings)

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, we have a trip planned to Grand Cayman in February (2013). That should be loads of fun, so go and get you some!!

Jul 062012

If you are visiting here, you will notice we are not, um, ideal bloggers. It was bugging me that it has been the WordPress default ‘Hello World’ entry for, like, months, now, so I’m entering something else. No guarantees that there will be further info or that if there is, that it will be regular. Until we get something going (if we do), if you are really bored and NEED to see blogging, you can visit my travel blog site: Jordan G’s Blog – Ad Hoc Adventures and Musings. The most recent entries are about Phoenix Comicon (sorry), but the rest is all diving, diving, diving. Hopefully, some of the other instructors will link to their blog sites. Ooh, a challenge! Eric, how about it??



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