So, now the most recent post on my personal blog is about diving, not Comicon. I feel much better. There are posts from the Palau trip in October. That was a great trip! Up until then, it was a rare treat to see a shark, but Palau has more sharks per square foot than I’ve seen before (to date), so we actually got a little desensitized. You know the excited vertical knife-hand to the forehead that indicates a shark sighting? It got to the point where no one even twitched when they spotted a shark. I still think sharks are cool, though.

Jellyfish Lake was a truly unique and surreal experience. I have a video I’ll post somewhere at some point. Maybe. Anyway, you can head on over and read if you want to, ’cause I’m too lazy to re-post over here (Jordan G’s Blog – Ad Hoc Adventures and Musings)

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, we have a trip planned to Grand Cayman in February (2013). That should be loads of fun, so go and get you some!!

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